Friendly and prompt service from Daryl at Nail Deck. He had provided me with my first nail polish set during training at STC and his range of nail polish colours were all of suitable colours resembling that on our grooming card. Only setback is that it’s fast drying therefore you have to remember to close the bottle in between applications often so as not to dry out the rest of the nail polish in the bottle. However, I enjoyed the personal touch and effort Daryl takes in trying to always improve and am more than willing to try out new products he has to offer.”


“I love how the polish is pigmented and I only have to apply 2 coats each time! Best of all, it dries rather quickly hence saving me lots of time :) Nail Deck provides quick and fast delivery too so I don’t have to wait for long!”


“If you’re looking for the nail polish that does not ruin your nails, this product is suitable for you. It lasts quite long compared to other brands and dries super fast. Plus, the top coat is very shiny that makes my nails look fresh all the times.”

FROM Yijie (BATCH 30/2017)

“By far one of the best nail polish that I have used so far! It goes on smooth and it is long lasting and has a flawless finish!”

FROM Stephanie (BATCH 850/2005)

“Nail Deck nail polish is an excellent brand! Love the unique colors - you can create your very own color too using the app. Long lasting & dries up pretty fast too. Only if it is less pricey & convenient to get, I would definitely stick to the brand.“

FROM danielle (BATCH 15/2018)

“Nail Deck has an amazing selection of colors that suits all types of skin tones. Definitely worth trying!!“


“I am amazed at the variety of shades that Nail Deck offers. Their price point is great and I especially love purchasing the set. The cuticle oil is great! Has lasted me for 1.5 years now, very worth it! Lastly, their customer service is excellent too, very friendly and hardworking people! Can’t wait for their new product!”


“I’ve been purchasing from Nail Deck ever since training days. It has been one year now and the nail polish brushes has improved over time, allowing even easier and smoother application. What I love most about the nail polish is its fast drying top coat which helps with a smooth finish to the nail polish. Even when I make mistakes when applying the nail polish, the topcoat helps to cover it well! Another reason why I keep purchasing from Nail Deck is because of Daryl’s amazing service! He has always been kind. I remember how patient he was in helping each and every training crew to find the right shade for us. It was tedious but Daryl has always been sincere and happy to help all of us. Last but not least, the nail polishes comes in a small hard plastic case (with a zip lock) that is easy for travel.”


“Easy to apply and doesn’t take a long time to dry. Can go back to doing your own things afterwards without having to worry about your nails being ruined.”

FROM Cheryl (BATCH 27/2017)

“The product has been improving and always updates the crew even after graduating from the company. It really shows the concern the company have for the crew.”

FROM SHerry (BATCH 13/2014)

“Daryl from Nail Deck is amazing - he really knows what cabin crew need and want. Very friendly and nice guy. Highly recommended!!”