Cuticle oil smells really good. But is that all it's good for?

I have a confession to make.

I apply cuticle oil on my nails just so that I can smell them all day.

Yup, that’s me. The creepy guy on the train sniffing his freshly scented cuticle oil-ed fingertips.

But what else is there to cuticle oil besides its glorious smell?

I did some research and reading online and compiled the following!

1) Prevent hangnail

To me this is the number one reason to apply cuticle oil just so I can avoid this:

2) Stronger, healthier nails

The cuticles are like the protectors of our nails and when they are in a good condition, it helps the nail to grow stronger and more healthily.

3) Combat dry, brittle nails

Although it's called cuticle oil, a common misconception is that it's only meant for the cuticles. In fact you can apply it on your nail as well! The small molecules of the oil are able to penetrate the deeper layers of the nail to condition and soften it. The larger molecules stay closer to the surface and help condition the upper layers.

4) Longer lasting nail polish

This one was a recent revelation to me! The thing about nail polish is that it's made up of solvents and plasticisers. (Note: plasticising is the process of keeping something pliable and in the case of nail polish it helps to add flexibility and resistance.)

As the solvent in nail polish evaporates over time, the polish coating can turn brittle. Cuticle oil prevents evaporation and acts as a stand-in plasticiser of sorts and keeps the polish from becoming brittle!

So there you go! Great smelling and useful. What else is there to ask for!

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Daryl Chew