Base coat > top coat?

It's conventionally known that top coats are to protect your nail polish from chipping; and base coats are to prevent dark coloured nail polish from staining your nail beds. In addition I've found that base coats form a good foundation to 'smoothen' out any uneven 'ridges' on your nail surface so that your applied nail polish won't be streaky.

But while I was writing about quick dry top coats last week, I chanced upon an article that mentions how base coats are meant to make your nail polish more chip resistant and last longer too! It works sort of like a primer that allows the nail polish to 'stick' on better.

I've been having quite a bit of fun with running experiments so I decided to do another one this week! I did a video recording of it but as I was editing it I found it to be quite dry. So here are some screen shots instead!

First I created 3 test palettes - one with just the colour applied; one with a base coat applied below the colour; and one with top coat applied on top of the colour and base coat.

After letting the palettes dry completely, we soak them into some nail polish remover.

The results after 15 minutes!


To be very honest, I only saw a very slight different between 'Colour only' and 'Base + Colour'. But the difference between 'Base + Colour' and 'Base + Colour + Top' was as expected, very large! The palette with the top coat was almost not affected by the polish remover.

But then again is soaking the test palettes into nail polish remover a good way to test whether base coats are really good at fighting nail polish chipping? Let me know and I'll be glad to try and test it out!

Daryl Chew